With more than 30 years of importing nails and other construction fixings to the UK and Europe, Nailco has the necessary specialist knowledge and skills to offer a personal and effective supply source.

Nailco is not limited to buying from just one country or one factory.  As an independent company we are able to source goods from factories worldwide.  We visit them and keep in regular contact.  We invest time and effort to get the supply right and in knowing how prices may be changing.  In some cases we enjoy exclusive arrangments.

In all cases we act as principal and take responsibility for everything.  If there are problems you deal with us and we undertake to solve them.

We are professional and flexible.  Many factories want to sell on their terms.  These often do not suit our customers.  We can negotiate currency, delivery times, transport, and payment terms for each individual order – we aim to supply on the terms our customers want. 

We are devoted to maintaining a continuous and competitive supply of products to customers' specifications and quality requirements.

Most customers do not have the time needed to devote to sourcing products.  Many buyers do not acknowledge the hidden costs of international buying – the cost of executive time and expertise, communications, financial arrangements – or the frustrations and difficulties.  For stable products these factors may not be important, but the international nail and construction fixings supply situation is notoriously variable and unreliable.  This is why we have flourished.

We aim to give a reliable and professional service and are always happy to discuss your purchasing requirements.